Happy Birthday Mr. King

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! I thought about this man all day long. His life was quite interesting to me, and it truly stings my heart that he was assassinated at only 39 years old. 

His accomplishments are beyond inspiring. Obviously we all know about his famous speech “I have a dream…”, but did you know he got a ‘C’ in his public speaking class in High School?! However he did graduate HS at 15 years old and hopped right into college! This inspires me because we often let fear win and set limitations for ourselves, but you just never know where you could go if you just try

I could never sum up how much I respect this man in a blogpost, so I won’t even attempt to. I know he wasn’t perfect, in fact he had quite a few flaws, but that’s part of why I am such a fan of this human. I can go on and on about MLK, but want to keep it simple by sharing my love for this go-getter. 

 Here are a few of my favorite quotes by him:

He was arrested far too many times and still managed to live a life of optimism. The way he was able to forgive someone who attempted to murder him (10 years before he was officially assassinated) reminds me that we are in charge of our happiness. We have the power and ability to choose how we see people and that reflects OUR character. Such a rad dude. I think it’s so awesome that President Ronald Reagan signed a bill that created a federal Holiday to honor MLK. Well deserved.

MLK, I honor you!


Happy 30th & engagement, Bee! 💕

Sunday afternoon, our mini girl gang celebrated our gorgeous bride-to-be BEE! She just turned 30 and just got ENGAGED!!! Both such great things to celebrate. It was so nice seeing my friends; last time we got together was Halloween! I missed them dearly. I laughed pretty hard Sunday and I am STILL laughing at our conversations and jokes. Gah, I love these gals! 

A biscuit to blow out? That’s a first! Bee is so sweet, she said her wish was for “all of us” ☺️

Check out our gorgeous Rose Mojitos! They were sooo good! The rose garnish obviously put the hugest smile on my face. If you’re ever in LA, you must try Poppy + Rose! Such an adorable hidden gem smack in the middle of the Flower District in LA! 💐 Great service and yummy food!

After brunch we headed on over to Preux and Proper, another fab spot. Their drinks were on point. We sat at the bar top and laughed the afternoon away talking about dumb boys, how fun it is to be a girl, our big girls jobs, what we are passionate about and planned a fun day trip and vacay for later this year. It was a perfect afternoon, much needed after a crazy work week. Well, it was almost perfect. I couldn’t remember where I parked (I know, I know) so we were strolling the streets for a while 🤦🏻‍♀️ Thank God they love me anyway! And they we’re more than happy to help me find my car. They’re used to my silly ways. 😊 I was just so distracted by all of the flowers in the district I paid no attention to my parking structure whatsoever! Oops! 😬

I am SO grateful for these beautiful, hilarious and fun friends of mine! 💛💛

This is what happens when you ditch social media

Speaking of social media, I’m behind on my weekly survey update! I’ll get to that soon. For now, let’s talk music!

It was 6pm on the dot and the butterflies started to attack because I had a date with a piano keyboard. That’s right, I took my very first piano lesson on Friday night and it was so much more than I expected. 

After much research, I decided to try out The Music Factory of OC (School of Music). They had great reviews and the staff was beyond friendly and great with follow-through on my billion questions. I’m one of those customers. When I walked in: instant good vibes. This place is so legit:

I loved how quaint the studio was, and the size of the little lesson rooms made my heart so happy. I’m such a fan of small spaces. You could tell that the person who opened this place is passionate about music. There is so much detail everywhere you look! 

My piano instructor Kayla is so sweet and knowledgeable. When I first sat down she asked me what kind of experience I’ve had with the piano and I laughed and whispered “Zilch…” Then I proceeded to tell her that my experience goes as far as ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ and pressing random keys at fancy hotels. She thought I was funny (she laughed a lot, I love her energy). 
We went over goals and the song I told her I want to learn one day just so happens to be one of her favorite songs! How perfect, right??!

I’m pretty excited to see how far I go with this piano stuff. I actually learned fairly quickly Friday night. I was surprised! It’s an entirely new hobby that I am exploring. It’s just one of those things I’ve always wanted to do but just never did. Until now.

Onward & upward,

Sabrina 🎹 

January 12, 2015

Today marked the 3 year anniversary of when I packed my 65L pack and left everything behind to live in third world countries for half a year. Years later, I’m still trying to process that trip and everything that happened. 

This photo is Vanessa and I, who just so now happens to be my best friend. My host family asked me to drive their van and it was a challenge let me tell you! Reverse meant neutral. Neutral meant drive. Park meant reverse, etc. lol! Plus, there aren’t any driving rules out there! So I definitely had fun with it. Also, if you look closely, we are indulging in some yummy food and a coke. Gosh, their cokes were amazing.  You might also see my arm covered in bug bites. Good times! 

I have been thinking about dissecting my experience on Mondays every once in a while. Maybe I can call my posts Mission Trip Mondays 😉

Can’t believe it was 3 years ago. That was the wildest, craziest, bravest and most challenging thing I have ever done. Can’t wait to tell my grandkids one day 😝

Good company. Good food. Good news!

My good friend Amber just moved back from Colorado in December and I am pretty stoked about it. Her and I worked together a few years back before she ditched me 😝 

She has been on the job hunt lately and applied for some opps in the OC. She was able to score some interviews! Luckily her interviews just so happened to be around my lunch hour so we were able to meet up a couple of times. 

This past Wednesday specifically we went to Taco Brat in Costa Mesa. It’s a Mexican and German fusion! I pronounced it wrong and didn’t notice until I saw the menu 😂 

Best part about lunch: my tostada. Kidding…Amber received a job offer phone call! I captured all of the excitement below 🙂 Along with photos of the place because I thought it was pretty rad. 

YAY!!! So presh!
I’d go again. Probably not on my lunch break though because the service is a bit slow. Other than that, it was a nice afternoon with my lovely friend. Congrats Amber! 🎉

P.S. I love Costa Mesa!

Team no umbrellas

It genuinely makes me so happy to feel rain drops on my head. 

When I lived in Jamaica for a couple of months, I did something that I’ll never forget. My mission trip team members along with other teams were tightly huddled under a tin roof to stay dry during an outdoor project. It was POURING. I’m telling you right now, I had never experienced rain coming down so hard in my entire life. I was beyond fascinated. I looked out into the rain and couldn’t help but want to stand right in it. So I did. All by myself. Well, for about a minute…because eventually one-by-one people started to join me. After a few minutes, just about everyone joined the rain party. They started laughing. And twirling. And dancing. It was truly incredible.

To this day, I find so much joy knowing that because my love for the rain was so strong, I helped people create a unique and amazing memory. (And also because I’m just silly 😜)

I will always love the rain. The sound, the smell, everything. There was a time in my life where rain comforted me. I was thousands of miles from home for six months living under tin roof structure. It rained ALL THE TIME and it was  L O U D. I found so much peace in that sound. I so badly wish I could fall asleep to it again. Good times.

Rain is so powerful, not only because of its beauty, but it provides so much for so many people in this world. 

Thank you, rain.