Hold up…

Alright, I had my “fun”, and spirl of devilry for a month. July was full of shock and irresponsibility. Thank GOD I have some incredible people who are helping me remember who TF I really am. 

I’ve also tried picking my own self up and decided to keep myself busy. I’ve always had little goals of mine but the idea of them have always been enough. It’s time to take action and pursue these goals. Starting with learning how to play my guitar! 🎸 

I have an awesome friend who is teaching me. He is sooo good and is making me pay him in green tea frappacinos! So far, so good. Yesterday was my first lesson with him and my fingers hurt like a biotch. I struggled with placing them on the frets. All good tho, I’ll get there eventually. 

“make a list of things that make you happy. make a list of things you do everyday. adjust accordingly.”

Onward and upward,

Sabrina ❤️


5 thoughts on “Hold up…

  1. Rich

    Good for you! I know, I just picked up the bass guitar a year ago and I still have practice sessions when my hands are ready to run away screaming! But it becomes so worth it the first time you can play for a crowd and watch their eyes light up in joy or just start dancing! Best wishes and peace, Rich

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