Team no umbrellas

It genuinely makes me so happy to feel rain drops on my head. 

When I lived in Jamaica for a couple of months, I did something that I’ll never forget. My mission trip team members along with other teams were tightly huddled under a tin roof to stay dry during an outdoor project. It was POURING. I’m telling you right now, I had never experienced rain coming down so hard in my entire life. I was beyond fascinated. I looked out into the rain and couldn’t help but want to stand right in it. So I did. All by myself. Well, for about a minute…because eventually one-by-one people started to join me. After a few minutes, just about everyone joined the rain party. They started laughing. And twirling. And dancing. It was truly incredible.

To this day, I find so much joy knowing that because my love for the rain was so strong, I helped people create a unique and amazing memory. (And also because I’m just silly 😜)

I will always love the rain. The sound, the smell, everything. There was a time in my life where rain comforted me. I was thousands of miles from home for six months living under tin roof structure. It rained ALL THE TIME and it was  L O U D. I found so much peace in that sound. I so badly wish I could fall asleep to it again. Good times.

Rain is so powerful, not only because of its beauty, but it provides so much for so many people in this world. 

Thank you, rain.


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