Good company. Good food. Good news!

My good friend Amber just moved back from Colorado in December and I am pretty stoked about it. Her and I worked together a few years back before she ditched me 😝 

She has been on the job hunt lately and applied for some opps in the OC. She was able to score some interviews! Luckily her interviews just so happened to be around my lunch hour so we were able to meet up a couple of times. 

This past Wednesday specifically we went to Taco Brat in Costa Mesa. It’s a Mexican and German fusion! I pronounced it wrong and didn’t notice until I saw the menu 😂 

Best part about lunch: my tostada. Kidding…Amber received a job offer phone call! I captured all of the excitement below 🙂 Along with photos of the place because I thought it was pretty rad. 

YAY!!! So presh!
I’d go again. Probably not on my lunch break though because the service is a bit slow. Other than that, it was a nice afternoon with my lovely friend. Congrats Amber! 🎉

P.S. I love Costa Mesa!


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