Happy 30th & engagement, Bee! 💕

Sunday afternoon, our mini girl gang celebrated our gorgeous bride-to-be BEE! She just turned 30 and just got ENGAGED!!! Both such great things to celebrate. It was so nice seeing my friends; last time we got together was Halloween! I missed them dearly. I laughed pretty hard Sunday and I am STILL laughing at our conversations and jokes. Gah, I love these gals! 

A biscuit to blow out? That’s a first! Bee is so sweet, she said her wish was for “all of us” ☺️

Check out our gorgeous Rose Mojitos! They were sooo good! The rose garnish obviously put the hugest smile on my face. If you’re ever in LA, you must try Poppy + Rose! Such an adorable hidden gem smack in the middle of the Flower District in LA! 💐 Great service and yummy food!

After brunch we headed on over to Preux and Proper, another fab spot. Their drinks were on point. We sat at the bar top and laughed the afternoon away talking about dumb boys, how fun it is to be a girl, our big girls jobs, what we are passionate about and planned a fun day trip and vacay for later this year. It was a perfect afternoon, much needed after a crazy work week. Well, it was almost perfect. I couldn’t remember where I parked (I know, I know) so we were strolling the streets for a while 🤦🏻‍♀️ Thank God they love me anyway! And they we’re more than happy to help me find my car. They’re used to my silly ways. 😊 I was just so distracted by all of the flowers in the district I paid no attention to my parking structure whatsoever! Oops! 😬

I am SO grateful for these beautiful, hilarious and fun friends of mine! 💛💛


Summer vibes 😎

• Huntington Beach || US Open ☀️🌊🏄
“In between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed.” // Sid Caesar

Sunday funday was a complete win. Forever grateful to do life with my cuz and being able to drive to the beach on any given day. 


Paint & sip in Palm Springs

My friend Judith spoiled me last night. She took me to a Paint & Sip, bought me a drink, and dinner! It was a blast and I was so grateful. We used to work together years ago and we’ve recently reconnected. Feels like we started right back where we left off 🙂 Except now she has a beautiful house and loving hubby! Yay!!!


90’s music and some sunshine

Lunch break shenanigans

Half way done with the week and I’m happy to say that the choice I made on Sunday night made a huge impact on how I’ve been feeling these past few days. I chose to take control of my life. To make a change but still manage and accept my current reality. To make a decision to move forward. To be present. To be grateful. To respect my body. To make moments count. My cousin and I went on a walk for 45 minutes last night after dinner…I was tired and dreaded the thought of going, but also remembered what I told myself Sunday night before I went to slumberland. So I went. It was awesome. It’s the little things. 

It’s crazy how much joy a few days of changes can make you feel. One day at a time! 

Onward and upward,


A new adventure begins…

Welcome gifts from my new boss. She said the card fit me perfectly and I told her that what she wrote was perfect too!

I love my job already. Why? Well…my new boss is so incredibly sweet and genuinely a kind person. This was my first impression when I originally met her and the impression has lasted. She introduced me to a bunch of people today and you could just tell that they absolutely adore and love her. Her and I laugh non-stop, and in my interview we both agreed that we would change each other’s lives. ☺️ Yeah, not your typical interview, I know. We’ve just had a divine connection since we first met and today was my first day working with her. She is encouraging and optimistic…definitely characteristics that anyone would want in a boss that you see everyday. I’ll blog more about my experience at work (so far) once the week is over. This post is to simply brag about the fabulous Debbie…aka the new boss lady…aka the new BFF (we both decided that today). She had someone take a photo of us together for my first day. That’s when I really knew that her and I would get along just fine 😉 I feel incredibly blessed that I was chosen to work at esri, with Debbie. You are the best God. Thank you. 

Onward & upward,