Happy 30th & engagement, Bee! 💕

Sunday afternoon, our mini girl gang celebrated our gorgeous bride-to-be BEE! She just turned 30 and just got ENGAGED!!! Both such great things to celebrate. It was so nice seeing my friends; last time we got together was Halloween! I missed them dearly. I laughed pretty hard Sunday and I am STILL laughing at our conversations and jokes. Gah, I love these gals! 

A biscuit to blow out? That’s a first! Bee is so sweet, she said her wish was for “all of us” ☺️

Check out our gorgeous Rose Mojitos! They were sooo good! The rose garnish obviously put the hugest smile on my face. If you’re ever in LA, you must try Poppy + Rose! Such an adorable hidden gem smack in the middle of the Flower District in LA! 💐 Great service and yummy food!

After brunch we headed on over to Preux and Proper, another fab spot. Their drinks were on point. We sat at the bar top and laughed the afternoon away talking about dumb boys, how fun it is to be a girl, our big girls jobs, what we are passionate about and planned a fun day trip and vacay for later this year. It was a perfect afternoon, much needed after a crazy work week. Well, it was almost perfect. I couldn’t remember where I parked (I know, I know) so we were strolling the streets for a while 🤦🏻‍♀️ Thank God they love me anyway! And they we’re more than happy to help me find my car. They’re used to my silly ways. 😊 I was just so distracted by all of the flowers in the district I paid no attention to my parking structure whatsoever! Oops! 😬

I am SO grateful for these beautiful, hilarious and fun friends of mine! 💛💛


It has come to this. 

When you relate to your grandpa on a whole new level: 

No but seriously, can we talk about how hilarious it is that my grandpa is following up on my dating life 😂 This is how outrageous my dating life is…all of the wacky stories even have my grandpa wanting updates. I just cannot.

At least dating was lame back then too…I thought today’s modern dating was a millennial issue. Ha! 

I love my grandpa. So much.

Shut up and DON’T kiss me

So the last few SECOND dates I’ve been on, the guys either tried kissing me, or forcefully hugged me in a intimate way. Let’s just say that I am feeling some type of way about this…and it’s not good. 

Now, before I sound crazy, I need to explain why I’m so annoyed at this.

#1.) I’m old school. Like major old school. Which means I believe a guy should either ASK for a kiss, OR WAIT a while until he knows for sure that she will be okay (or hopefully excited) about it. This goes for the forehead kisses and cheek kisses too. It shows a sign of respect and also proves that the guy isn’t so quick to kiss just anyone either (some of us girls think about these things you know). I also don’t like any sort of intimate touching right away either. I just feel like two people just be as pure as possible on the first date. I know, I know, old school. & what’s up with guys not kissing our hands anymore?!  That is such a gentleman thing to do…when the timing is appropriate of course 😉 I think that’s the perfect FIRST type of kiss in my opinion. 

#2.) I personally think kisses are so intimate. I don’t take them lightly (anymore), and it takes a lot for me to kiss someone. So just because I go on a date with a nice guy doesn’t mean I’ll let him kiss me just to be nice. I will 100% reject it and it will be 100% awkward, ugh.

#3.) I have one husband out there and I am trying my hardest to reserve as much of me as I can for him. This is something I talk to God about a lot and lately He has been giving me the strength to wait. So if I accepted kisses from every date I went on, I’d be kissing more frogs than necessary. No thanks. I’m a very affectionate person and I wouldn’t want to get carried away kissing someone I’m not going to marry. 

I dodged a few kisses this year (one specifically last weekend!) and it was so awkward. All three guys were kind of irritated (what?!) but then they “understood” why, after I explained my reasoning. Or so they said they did. They probably all think I’m a prude but whatevs. If I am, so be it. I’ve come a long way and I’d rather be hard to kiss over being easy. 

I’m SO over dating right now. In fact, I feel like going extreme and not going on an official date again until after I’ve been around a guy for a little while. For instance, I would like to do group things with someone or perhaps meet someone at church and get to know each other at a fellowship event. That would be so ideal. I am so over trying to figure out if I like someone on a date. It kills the fun and exciting part of dating. I want to know I like someone before I agree to go on a date. I also want to make sure he has those 3 key qualities that I blogged about recently. The guys I recently went out with had 2/3 of the qualities, which explains why they were all so forceful with the touchy stuff. I should’ve stuck to my guns and said no when I was asked out. I know I’m making it even harder on myself to find my husband by doing this but my faith is strong. God will bring us together how He wants to and when He wants to.

The bar is getting higher and higher…which is great because I’m weeding out a lot of the wrong ones and getting closer to the right one. I still have no desire to download the dating apps again, and I am gaining so much peace each day that passes by about being single. I’m truly not ready to settle down, I have some exciting things I want to work on first. 

I’m totally content in this season. I have my ups and downs but right now I’m in the ups ☺️

Onward & upward,


Lipstick and Grace

My morning didn’t start off so well. I was supposed to cover my co-workers morning route by picking up children for school. I do afternoon routes normally but agreed to help her out. She helps me at times too so I was more than happy to do it. 

I was supposed to be in the van with my key in the ignition at 6:45am. Guess what time I woke up?! 7:00am!!!! I COMPLETELY FORGOT! I live 40 minutes away people. Yeah. It’s safe to say I was fa-reaking the eff out.

Luckily, my boss (the Principal) is literally the coolest person on campus. She is always so supportive and has our backs when the kids are acting up. So I called her and let her know what was happening. At this point I’m in panic mode. A kid was already supposed to be picked up and here I am in my pajamas at home. Still had to make the phone call though. Not that I was afraid of her or anything, I just genuinely felt bad that I forgot. 

She was so understanding about it:

“Sabrina, it’s okay babe! Relax!  Everything will be fine! We all forget and make mistakes sometimes. The world isn’t going to end because a few kids are going to be late to school. We will get your route covered. Drive safe, and stop and get yourself some coffee on the way. See you soon.”

Isn’t she awesome?! I hung up and was so grateful that she covered me in Grace. Honestly thought about the things I’ve learned from her so far all the way to work. I was feeling inspired. Oh, and I didn’t get the coffee. I at least was trying to be on time today 🙂 Plus, we have a keurig in our classroom so yeah. I’ll probably pick up Starbucks tomorrow for the girl who covered for my mistake this morning. Wouldn’t blame her if she was annoyed. 

I hurried up and got ready. Well, lipstick was as far as I got but it sufficed. I was afraid my entire day was going to be off after that fiasco but it wasn’t. I wasn’t hit nor cussed at TODAY! New record. 🙂 Things are looking up!

Lipstick and Grace literally saved the day. Per usual. 
Onward & upward,