Wordless Wednesday


The good stuff

I’ll be spending lots of time here. It’s down the street from work & 10 minutes from where I live. It’s a perfect space to get creative and FOCUS. I have a few game plans to start. I am so excited for 2018. 👊

October 2017 is cray

Life has been INSANE this October. I have to catch up so much on the blog because these moments that have passed by I don’t ever want to forget. Maybe I will have a blogging party with me, myself, and I tomorrow night! Not a bad way to spend a Friday night if I say so myself. PJ’S, favorite foods, music, a candle, and a blog makes a happy Sabrina. Okay that just reminded me of ‘The Shining’. Ahhhhh!!!

October has brought so much already. Good, bad, neutral. But definitely more GOOD. 🙏

Recovery happens 

I come across so many amazing stories on Facebook. This is one I found tonight and it was too heartfelt not to share. ❤️

Still winning

Good news: STILL loving my job. 

Bad news: Residents have been a challenge lately, but I have a way with words so they end up happy. 

It’s a great feeling when you know you’re good at what you do. That kind of confidence is rare, and feels even better when you actually enjoy what you do too.